1. In-app purchase

  • Easy2Pay In-App Purchase is a ready library for android developer which deploy mobile payment by only import function. This library will control sms function on devices that serve user friendly interface.
    • In-App Purchase SDK Function
      • Select operator : developer can control to display all operator or only some
      • Select price point : developer can control on price list : 10, 20, 30, 49, 79, 99 and 149 which support AIS,Dtac and Truemove-H
      • Quota limit : developer can limit user transaction daily to prevent on bad debt
      • Charging notify : when transaction completed, notify can be via xml or email, developer are free to selected
      • Backend report : online report that helps monitor transaction real time



2. On web base

  • Easy2Pay Web Base is a web flow that allow user to manual type SMS and after E2P got confirmation from operator will passthrough to developers partner also customize sms format too
  • On web base Function
    • Serial base
      Serial base is characters and numeric format which send to users when do a transaction via E2P. We will provide one serial code that user can use to purchase any item, developer partners could make a choice to keep serial or stock in our system
    • Non Serial
      Non serial is an API between Easy2Pay and developer partners that need a migration. API will acknowledge developer partners backend so developer partners can topup user immediately
    • Price available is 10, 20, 30, 49, 79, 99, 149
    • Thailand Operator (AIS, Dtac and Truemove-H)